One Virginia Night

by Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders

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"One Virginia Night", a limited edition live CD and bonus DVD set from Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders, which also features founding Nitty Gritty Dirt Band member Les Thompson. Captured in front of an enthusiastic capacity crowd near McKnight's northwestern Virginia home, OVN is a crisply delivered collection of concert favorites and a few lesser known gems drawn from his five solo CD discography. It includes two songs co-written with Thompson (“Made by Hand”, “Surveillance”) as well as their smoldering bluesy take on the traditional "Worried Man Blues" and an original each from bandmates Stephanie Thompson ("What Kind of Person", first recorded by Rani Arbo & Salamander Crossing) and Lisa Taylor ("It Means a Lot"). It’s Les Thompson’s first band and first full album credit since he left the Dirt Band after the "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" album came out.

The foursome bring an energetic and eclectic perspective to McKnight's songs - "beyond Appalachian, beyond blues, beyond folk". Valuing the artistry of taut arrangements over flashy instrumental jams, they have earned acclaim in particular for their exquisite 3 and 4-part vocal harmonies as well as the unusual and constantly changing combinations of instruments. After touring primarily as a solo acoustic artist for the past 15 years, McKnight plays electric guitar about half the time. Les Thompson's signature clawhammer banjo is a big part of the band's sound. And while Taylor sticks primarily to the drums, the Thompsons trade instruments frequently throughout - upright bass, acoustic guitar, and percussion.

"harmony so tight you'd swear they were all related. Andrew's songs really shine, as does his amazing guitar work, from delicate fingerpicking on an acoustic, to hot swing on an electric. Arrangements go from bluegrass to country rock to jazz/blues....It all ends with their encore, "Surveillance," a little poke at the Patriot Act, featuring Andrew's right-on Jimmie Vaughan-style playing. The CD comes with a DVD and if anything else, proves that only four people recorded this album. Four very talented people. Very highly recommended." - Jamie Anderson, Minor 7th


released August 1, 2012

Recorded live at Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville VA.
AM - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Stephanie Thompson - vocals, guitars, congas, percussion, upright bass, bouzouki
Les Thompson - vocals, upright bass, banjo, acoustic guitar
Lisa Taylor - vocals, drums
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
CD Produced by Les Thompson, Andrew McKnight & Dustin Delage
CD Mixed by Dustin Delage and Les Thompson
CD mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions
DVD editing, production and authoring by Dustin Delage
Logo & Graphic Design by Raphael Okure at Mr Jackdaw Command
Concert Photographer - Dennis Diehl



all rights reserved


Andrew McKnight Lincoln

Nationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter and guitarist celebrates rural America, weaves masterfully crafted songs, humorous stories and poetic drama into a musical soundscape sketched with shades of Appalachia, tasteful slide and jazzy blues, feisty anthems, and rustic folk. 5 solo CDs heard on many public & community radio, plus NPR "Art of the Song" & "River City Folk" and XM/Sirius. ... more


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Track Name: How High the Mountain
Words & music A. McKnight, 1999©Catalooch Music, BMI

A cappella Chorus
How high is this mountain, that I've fallen down
how far have I tumbled to be here
how long must I climb, to see sweet sun again
out of this valley of despair
Instrumental intro
Instrumental verse
Verse 1
How heavy is the cross, that I'm bound to bear,
how long an uphill march lies ahead,
how will I keep my heart, from turning to stone
lift my face to the light instead

Verse 2
How far must I roam, to find the Promised Land,
how many miles more to Calvary
how many lonesome nights, til I find my star
set my course straight and true again
Track Name: A Town Called Progress
Words & music A. McKnight, ©1997 Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
Remember us punks racing, down where Rte. 5 curls,
days in our V8s, and nights with the carhop girls
I never noticed it going so fast, never saw it coming apart
now instead of working the family fields, the kids stock shelves at Wal-Mart
The world passed right by like we disappeared, on their way to someplace far from here
left strip malls on the bypass, reminders we once had dreams
if it looks like Progress well, that’s just the way that it seems

Verse 2
Now those kids growing up, on their cul-de-sac
they’ll never walk, hand-in-hand down that old railroad track
they leave their innocence behind, big trucks parked where new condos are growing
they’ll make love when they’re lucky, and babies the rest of the time

Verse 3
Downtown brick facades, they wear the old timers pain,
and the rain runs red, from the building boom along the 4-lane,
those concrete and neon monuments, replaced pride in this old town
with storefronts staring vacantly, just like they know
if it smells like progress, well, that’s just the smoke of our dreams
Track Name: Safe Home
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2007 Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
In the shadow of this dark mountain, where the sun but rarely shines
blessings fair, are hard to come by, in the cold black damp Kentucky mines

For there ain't nothing to hold our young ones, since this mountain's heart ran out of gold
there's no future here in this holler, so we wave when they leave down that road

But the same moon shines wherever you are
So I'll listen when the night wind starts to moan
I'll light a candle when darkness falls
and pray til you're safe home

Verse 2
Mountain boys they love their country, and they never shy from a fight
but it's so hard, to let our daughters, answer the call to glory's light

For every mother hopes her children, will someday have more than she’s known,
but in these hard hills, hope is precious, and a better life is a gambler's throw


Verse 3
My only daughter gave her body, when duty called, to desert sands
now the bloodroot and dogwood blossoms, can't hide the work of war's evil hands

But the same moon shines wherever you are
So I'll listen when the night wind starts to moan
I'll light a candle when darkness falls
and pretend, that you're safe home
Track Name: A Prairie Wind/Big Sky Town
Words & music to "Big Sky Town" by A. McKnight, 1996© Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
A prairie wind, rolling thunderheads,
80 miles of horizon straight from some damn book I read,
Dakota fields, blend to Montana skies,
and this ribbon of asphalt stretching endless before my eyes
Making no exception to the rule that I have followed here
nothing but the sun to guide my way there
hope I find some gold behind, this rainbow that I’m chasing down,
it’s where I’m bound, it’s where I’m bound, it’s where I’m bound, to this big sky town

Verse 2
I’m hearing laughter, from ghosts of horse thieves and golddiggers
ringing in my ears, echoed 150 years
I’m moving forward, pushed or pulled well I don’t know
am I soaring like the hawk, or steady like the crow
Track Name: Made by Hand
Words and music 2009© A. McKnight (Catalooch Music, BMI), Chance McCoy and Les Thompson (ASCAP)

Verse 1
Granddad was a union man, worked deep beneath the ground
said a prayer in the morning, and again to see the sun go down
day from night by lantern light, to earn enough to eat
by Saturday moon on the mountainside, the fiddle moved their feet

Verse 2
Went in the mines at fourteen, took a wife at twenty one
raised five kids in the holler, like his daddy done
the company cut costs and corners, everywhere it could
still every Sunday they gave thanks, that they had it good

I know that times are changing, they say progress is good
but do we honor honest work, like my granddaddy would
the eagle soaring high, would he recognize this land
built upon the sturdy backs, of those who made by hand

Verse 3
my daddy left these mountains for the mills of Ohio
rolled the steel that won the war, far away from home
back in grandad's holler, big timber stripped the land
laid railroad tracks that can't bring back, the lives they'd made by hand



Verse 4
I long for West Virginia, her hard blue rolling hills
memories of childhood, I hear those echoes still
our family stories vanished, no trace I could find
they even tore the mountain down, where Grandad used to mine

Track Name: Something Worth Standing For
Words and music A. McKnight, 2007© Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
An old man mowing grass on a levee
drenched in sweat in the noonday sun
his back seat stacked with stuff he's picked up
his beat-up car barely runs
Got a million miles worn upon his face
but smiles as he walks my way
lights a half smoked cigarette as he sits down,
before I can leave he turns to say

Gotta haul all you need from the river
build your temple up from the floor
be grateful for every gift you get
and find something worth standing for

Verse 2
I've been down in the shadows bout the shape I'm in,
a mess made with my own hands
I could write a book with the lessons I've learned
and hard luck that made this man
I've walked in the valley of darkness
I've known heartbreak, I've known loss
but I'm still standing on these two feet
amazed at all they got me across


Verse 3
Before he turned to leave he said “now hear me son”
I could talk til my face turns blue
what matters ain't the words you say
it's all the little things that you do
don't be afraid to help another
when your time’s up there's nowhere to hide
and the walls we build to keep us safe
are prisons that trap us inside

So haul all you need from the river
build your temple up from the floor
be grateful for every gift you get
and find something worth standing for
Track Name: Worried Man Blues
Traditional; new words and music by Andrew McKnight, 2007©Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
Went across the river and I lay down to sleep
went across the river and I lay down to sleep
suddenly, felt shackles on my dreams

Verse 2
Twenty-one links of chain around my heart
twenty-one links of chain around my heart
and on each link, an initial of my name

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
takes a worried woman to sing a worried song
I worry now, but I don’t know for how long

Verse 3
I asked the lawman, tell me what I’ve done
I asked the lawman, tell me what I’ve done
I don’t look like you, but I have hurt no one

Verse 4
I begged the judge, for mercy on my soul
I begged the judge, for mercy on my soul
but I got none, he sent me to the hole


Guitar verse

Verse 5
I woke up, a stranger in my land
I woke up, in a stranger land
now I believe, that I must make a stand

Track Name: Dancing in the Rain
Words & music A. McKnight, ©1995 Waves of Mountains/Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
All my years I’ve lived here, it’s the only way I know
run the family farm with the grace of God above and the fertile soil below,
summer’s gone eleven weeks, of searing stormless choke
fifty thousand dollars worth, of dreams going up in smoke

Verse 2
Sacrificed another field today, to keep the other’s growing
had to sell my milking cows, to keep the bankers going away
that line of clouds across, the skies
might bring the winds of death, or raindrops to my eyes

My wife she’s out there dancing, in her checkered kitchen dress
droplets running down her brow, and her blond hair’s getting messed
Iowa can be a place where fertile famines drink
this year just poured life down from the brink
and I’m dancing in the rain

Verse 3
Before today my luck had gone, a hard left towards the worst
enough to make an honest man think a farmer’s life is cursed
remembering tales on my granddad’s knee, of soil that sprouted wings
it’s taken thirty years for me, to appreciate these things

Heard it on the radio, Dakota wheat fields won’t survive
my cousin Jack up there will find some way to stay alive
Mother Nature’s fickle ways might someday do me in
but I’m on my knees, in gratitude, cause it’s raining

Verse 4
Next year we might stare at this, same mess right in the face,
this old white house and apple trees, keep me fighting for this place
facing up to troubles that, my children might not know
when you’ve got your generations on, the farm all in a row
Track Name: What Kind of Person
Words & music by Stephanie Thompson

What kind of person would make me feel this way?
What kind of person would lead me astray?
What kind of person would cause me all this pain?
What kind of person would make me try in vain?

What kind of person would stay out all night long?
What kind of person is never, ever wrong?
What kind of person would knock my spirit down?
What kind of person is never around? (hard to be around)

You used to love me. You used to hold me tight.
But you're that kind of person. That kind of person now.

What kind of person would laugh until I cried?
What kind of person would make me want to hide?
What kind of person would drop me to my knees?
What kind of person's impossible to please?

You used to want me and take me in the night.
But you're that kind of person. That kind of person now.
Yes you're that kind of person. That kind of person now.

What kind of person would say he understood?
What kind of person would then say you're no good?
What kind of person would never, ever call?
What kind of person would make you feel so small?

You used to need me and you could be so nice.
But you're that kind of person. That kind of person now
Track Name: It Means a Lot
Words & music L. Taylor, ©Taylor Tunes
Track Name: The Road to Appomattox
Words & music A. McKnight, ©1999 Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
Grew up on our mountain farm, down Nelson County way,
wish I'd live to see it again, but that is not my fate
for on my 16th birthday war marched all around our land
I joined Virginia's volunteers, and Robert Lee's command

Verse 2
Two days passed upon the march towards Yankees and the front,
I knew my trusty rifle, the difference was the hunt
we smashed into their backside up Loudoun County way
I'll not forget three boys in blue, I sent to early graves

On the road to Appomattox,
where bullets whine like bees, cut blossoms from the trees
on the road to Appomattox.
turned boys into men, men into memories

Verse 3
We fell back from Gettysburg, with calloused feet and heart
saw most of my company fall, in Pickett's cursed charge
Winter spent on Valley farms, with little food or warmth
hellfire came with spring advance and the smell of burning corn


Verse 4
Perilous nighttime retreat, the fall of Petersburg,
the city burned around us, the Federals charging hard,
I heard them call the chaplain, they heard me call on God,
whate'er reward awaited me, was not far off

Verse 5
There were battles won on both sides, the history books confirm,
but no one ever wins at war, the last loser asks for terms

Intro (Outro)
Track Name: Beyond Borders
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI

Verse 1
My travels traverse so much shaky ground,
I am broken but unbowed
Push past the boundary lines that I have drawn
endless frontiers all around

I am present in the future and the past
with open hands and open heart
I feel the thunder-drum within my chest
ready now to do my part

I hear sounds of tongues I do not know
and I feel ancient wisdom gathered around me
from Asia and Africa and Appalachian hills
now I know, that I am not alone

Beyond borders, beyond our sight, beyond ourselves
Beyond borders, beyond our sight, beyond ourselves

Verse 2
Rain forest clearings and savannah plains
The noon of time, the dawn of man
mystery running through in threads so strong
magic helix, living strand

Verse 3
I leave humble gifts for those to come
the echoes of our human song,
waymakers wait for me beyond the light
when it's my time, where I belong

Track Name: Surveillance
Words & music A. McKnight and Les Thompson, ©2007 Catalooch Music and Les Thompson, ASCAP

Verse 1
These are dangerous times, and devious minds
lurk in shadows everywhere
so I’ve been authorized, to search and scrutinize
and you won’t even know I’m there

Verse 2
All quiet along the Potomac tonight
but while that power city sleeps,
suspicious silhouettes among the monuments
trade secrets dark and deep

So I’ve got to keep you under surveillance
I’ve got to know every move you make
I can tell by the way you whisper when you walk
I’ve gotta keep an eye on you

Verse 3
With terror in our midst, your profile’s on my list
shapely charm can’t erase your trail
through the wi-fi café, same time every day
I bet you’re getting more than mail

Verse 4
To the library, so anonymously
avert any attention you’d arouse
slip between the stacks, cover up your tracks
but I watch everywhere you browse

Guitar solo over verse/fiddle solo over chorus

Verse 5
You weave a tangled web, of mixed messages
but I am a patient man
I’m looking over, your boss’s shoulder
you can’t escape my scan