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Beyond Borders

by Andrew McKnight

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Words & music A. McKnight, 1999©Catalooch Music, BMI A cappella Chorus How high is this mountain, that I've fallen down how far have I tumbled to be here how long must I climb, to see sweet sun again out of this valley of despair Instrumental intro Instrumental verse Chorus Verse 1 How heavy is the cross, that I'm bound to bear, how long an uphill march lies ahead, how will I keep my heart, from turning to stone lift my face to the light instead Chorus Mandolin Verse Harmonica Verse Verse 2 How far must I roam, to find the Promised Land, how many miles more to Calvary how many lonesome nights, til I find my star set my course straight and true again Chorus Outro
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Welcome to my neighborhood, sorry things don't look so good seems the bottom falls out like each last one did We harvest wheat, cotton, corn and oil, coax all we can from deep dark soil Seems each year it's debt and toil that's what grows best Chorus Cause these hard times in the heartland, would try the soul of any man it's hard to think the best we can, ain't enough to make a stand and hold back hard times in the heartland Verse 2 When I was young dreamed I'd hop a freight, or float on down New Orleans way guess roots grow deep just like they say, as years flow by Birds flock through each fall and spring, wonder what I'd see if I had wings I hope someday that better things wait way up high Chorus Instrumental Verse 3 The levees hold the water out, but can't hold back the flooding doubt the river knows the one way route and she don't come back highway crews plant pavement ribbons in the fields, the plow yields to endless wheels once our kids find that road, this town's good as gone
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 My travels traverse so much shaky ground, I am broken but unbowed Push past the boundary lines that I have drawn endless frontiers all around I am present in the future and the past with open hands and open heart I feel the thunder-drum within my chest ready now to do my part Pre-Chorus I hear sounds of tongues I do not know and I feel ancient wisdom gathered around me from Asia and Africa and Appalachian hills now I know, that I am not alone Chorus Beyond borders, beyond our sight, beyond ourselves Beyond borders, beyond our sight, beyond ourselves Verse 2 Rain forest clearings and savannah plains The noon of time, the dawn of man mystery running through in threads so strong magic helix, living strand Pre-chorus and chorus Instrumental Verse 3 I leave humble gifts for those to come the echoes of our human song, waymakers wait for me beyond the light when it's my time, where I belong
Wishing 04:40
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Condor soars, on outstretched wing, from that altitude I bet you'd see a lot of funny things red rock low, neath desert skies I hope way up there's a place where our souls collide Verse 2 Gravity, it holds me down, keeps my orbit safe and low enough to ease the blow when I hit the ground while angels dance, and prophets laugh this flightless rustic poet stumbles blindly down the path Chorus In the blinking eye where dreams take flight it's deafening in the quiet under these restless stars so bright if I wish on their falling light I'd wish I didn't need to make a wish tonight Verse 3 Whooping crane, his joyful dance he's so unaware of all the perils of his new romance with one wing high, one leg kicks as ten thousand fathers before guide his way through this Chorus
My Good Name 05:05
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Can't escape my footsteps, follow hot on my tail I'm running to catch my breath, on this long and lonely trail So many wounds to heal, and old debts to repay Many broken pieces to lay to rest, but not much more to say Chorus I cannot go back, make things the same that be tantamount to shame So I'll shoulder my share of burden and blame and take the good out of my name Verse 2 Remorse or redemption, one I know, one I seek One a constant companion, the other I might never meet Chorus Interlude Solo Verse 3 Take my troubles to the river, push em out in the flow Let em slip away in silence, and cross over, as I watch them go Chorus
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Nightbird sings its mournful song, rooftop rain lasts too long droplet drumbeats in my head, with all the words I should have said Slipped out with my fallen pride, the door I walked out locked behind though these scraps of grace I've saved, Intention's road is freshly paved Pre-Chorus I have found no magic garden wander though I will there is no land of Eden waiting, over the hill Chorus So I'm hiding out here, underneath the moon I know the light of reckoning is rising soon Someday they'll tell the tale of this tragic circumstance the outlaw's last escape, the poet's great romance Instrumental Verse 2 no one saw the final stand, no glory blazing at the end twisted up like Texas wind, all that's left of all I've been Pre-Chorus Chorus
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Rush hour traffic going nowhere, the merge becomes a contact sport frustrations boiling over, tempers growing short the suited man bucks the trend at the tollbooth, lets the grandmother in he knows the people that we share the road with have loved ones waiting just like him Chorus Good things matter, long after they're done good things matter, each and every one good things matter, no matter how small good things matter to us all Verse 2 Tear-streaked boy behind the playground fence, teams picked, game in full swing his braces hold him back from what his glasses show, he is not good at this thing, but the bigger boy who plays the game with natural skill and grace, says "here's my bat, take my place" he knows the final score is more than runs across the plate by the pinch hitter's smiling face Chorus Bridge linger for the old one's words, let a child know she's been heard ask a wallflower to dance, give mistakes a second chance smile at strangers on the street, share the table where you eat leave the extra change behind, fight fear, be colorblind a kind word to chase the grey, when things are hard find a way, it all comes back someday
Atlantis 04:57
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2002 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 It is still along the Parkway, beyond the gate the road is closed winter rain drips on the laurel, fog moves in like ghosts in the valley below lies a cloud sea, that hides the lake, that hides my home if you'd had me guess in my childhood, this is not how I dreamed life would go Chorus They say Moses raised his hands to part the Red Sea But even Moses couldn't hold back TVA From flooding our holler, for the Almighty Dollar and sink our story far beneath the waves Verse 2 Engineers said flood would take us, if we didn't build the dam to hold the rain, but I've confusion swirling round their solutions, to me the end result seems the same now trophy fish take refuge in the chapel, no sounds of children, hymns or wedding bells and I wonder if the anglers high above can hear them, I don't think those echoes travel water well Chorus Verse 3 Newsman said they might have found Atlantis, shining city deep in ocean blue I wonder if the natives of that fair town, ever had the chance to feel these things I do Chorus It is still along the Parkway, I am leaving on the wings of ghosts
Poem by A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Do you hear them? faint like distant thunder approaching across autumn-grass prairie dry and waving yellow yielding as the black mass undulates from eye to horizon Do you hear them? Do you hear them? Sweeping the gently rolling plain around the down gullies and dry washes fleeing the wild calls and fearsome speed of strange beings; not man nor bird nor beast but all these creatures combined the dull thunder of massive motion ten hundred thousand tons like lightning fire sweeping the tinder-dry prairie Do you hear them now? They are slowing They are fading They are close now Close to the brink The wildness is slipping and disappearing Down the dry washes Tumbling and lost into the river below Their majesty still ringing on the canyon walls Do you hear them? Those who have tamed all in this moment turn now to their tranquility and travail forgetting the wild past lost only to remember it in inconvenience in its rare eruptions into the irrigated present the hoofbeats are singular now sporadic spread far to the margins of the wild heart below But it is still in the land when the moaning wind dims to a whisper the sounding memory still beats beneath brave and willful do you hear them now?
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2003 Catalooch Music, BMI Chorus There is rust on my halo, there are stains on my soul all the lessons I learn so slow, will someday make me whole Verse 1 See that man, on the side of the road shoulders bowed under heavy load praying for change at the stop sign stand cardboard letters and a soldier's hands where did I learn not to believe, that he needs love like you and me Chorus Verse 2 see that girl, babies in her arms who's gonna keep them safe from harm mean streets full of guns and greed how can she give them what they need where did I learn not to believe, she needs respect like you and me Chorus Verse 3 I was born, to be a man take my place in the master plan the stack of things that I've done are good is a whole lot shorter than the things I should where did I learn not to believe, there's always hope for you and me Chorus
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2001 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Along the banks of the Big Mon, smokestack sentries arm in arm the veins ran out and the drugs rushed in, hard times our are constant friend that pretty bird across the street, monitor manacled to her feet she won't run she's not got the heart, to quit the cash from the Quicki-Mart Chorus River cuts right through our town, you feel it bear down hard, I still tend the flowers in my yard, I still tend the flowers in my yard Verse 2 downtown still breathes with the blood, drawn from our immigrant sons the marquee says it's the heart of town, it's just our favorite bar and lounge Our veterans rest in neat-laid rows, pray they keep lost miner's souls Sunday hymns still ring in our ears, but sometimes faith hides in our fears Chorus Bridge The river gives and the flood it takes, our spirit bends but never breaks sometimes it feels like the ending rope, somehow we keep holding onto hope Verse 3 The mines still work up north of here, rumor says new jobs next year we're counting on that Pittsburgh seam, to fuel our fading hopes and dreams Chorus
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2004 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 I am just a small boy, on my grandmother’s knee She’s telling me a story, from when she was three “I have known you all my life” I say, “always you are wise, but how can you expect me to, believe you were my size” She holds up the picture, says “look, this child is me Just the same as you, it’s clear and plain to see” I reply “I see the difference, and it surely proves me right, For I live my life in color, there you are in black and white” Chorus Golden years go silver like the falling of the leaves Father Time is always tugging at our sleeve I know the story winds down, when life’s autumn colors burn The killing frost not far behind, when the maples turn Verse 2 The queen of all the nurses, the patriot, the saint, Lighting matches in dark places, bearing all without complaint These are her chapters and her verses, from our history The pages left to come are mostly left to me Grandmother is quite old now, she’s lived a century The eyes reflecting my own, no longer know it’s me I wrestle with the notion, someday I'll know that cage Once again remembering, she once was my age Chorus Verse 3 Flagstaff Arizona, after another show A young girl shares her story, that reminds me of my own How it all once seemed so clear, so long before this page and hear myself saying back, when I was your age Chorus
Words & music A. McKnight, ©1999 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 She drives her El Dorado, convertible with class they cruise into their twilight, they were both built to last they once had tight chassises, all sleek and shine now they don't drive so fast, all they're passing is time Chorus They've no need of Beltways, or toll roads to nowhere go best on blue highways, wind in their blue hair they look forward to Sundays, and Tuesday bingo hall an old song on her lips, brings memories of trips, to Niagara Falls Verse 2 Their engines purr in rythym, steady and stylish as they go now and then just for kicks, squeal the tires, pull out slow They've turned a million miles together, most in the rearward looking glass back when heads turned wherever, they'd cruise on 40-cent gas Chorus
June Apple 02:57
Alchemy 04:39
Words & music A. McKnight, ©2004 Catalooch Music, BMI Verse 1 Skies are clearing, sun streams down ice is breaking on cold hard ground perfect geese point in northbound flight no longer wish I may with all my might The great storm passes, the flood subsides all the treasures the tempest hides precious metals long concealed forged and tempered newly revealed Chorus When two elements bond, as they often do what makes rare pairs magic, timeless and true so if touches of silver, someday grace our faces, there’s no place I’d rather be, than part of this alchemy Verse 2 Flaring sparks fly on wildfire wind is it peril or promise as flames rush in two phoenix rising from smoldering seeds hard shells gone, leaves just what love needs Chorus Fiddle solo Verse 3 So put that last log, on the fire let its fading glow warm our desires we'll let those embers light our sleep lay us down our dreams to keep Chorus


“Overall this is a great CD... for fans of intelligent & heartfelt songwriting.” (Minor 7th)

"thoughtful lyrics and very appealing melodies" (Sing Out!)

“McKnight majestically creates contemporary folk tunes” (Singer & Musician)

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Andrew stretches his wings on his fourth solo CD, blending global influences, spoken word, and traditional music together with his acclaimed songcraft, rich melodic vocals and deft guitar work. The result is a stunning collection of 13 original songs, plus the traditional "June Apple" and the spoken word "Do You Hear Them?" with its improvised accompaniment.

Andrew's vocals and acoustic and electric guitars are captured in powerful and impassioned performances, with tasteful ornamentation throughout courtesy of keyboardist Jon Carroll (Mary Chapin Carpenter, Starland Vocal Band), string whiz Danny Knicely (Footworks, David Via and Corn Tornado) and the world beat percussion of N. Scott Robinson (Malcolm Dalglish and the Oolites). Organic tones and rich textures highlight stellar craftsmanship in a diversity of settings, including the haunting bounce of "The Poet's Great Romance", call-and-response gospel ("Rust on My Halo"), high lonesome bluegrassy vocals ("How High the Mountain"), and the feelgood vibe of "Good Things Matter", Winner of the Great American Song Contest (Acoustic/Folk).


released January 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Andrew McKnight Lincoln

Nationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter and guitarist celebrates rural America, weaves masterfully crafted songs, humorous stories and poetic drama into a musical soundscape sketched with shades of Appalachia, tasteful slide and jazzy blues, feisty anthems, and rustic folk. 5 solo CDs heard on many public & community radio, plus NPR "Art of the Song" & "River City Folk" and XM/Sirius. ... more

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